Spatial Design & Exhibition

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Spatial Design, Exhibition
Collective Team
Celeste Skachill
Glen Skachill
Pippa Keel
Zoe Gillett
Ricky Situ

We refurbished the foyer of the main building at Zealandia, turning a static space into a multi-functional educational room. The pegboard system and cases are modular, so the wall displays can be moved easily and replaced individually if and when needed. 

We also built all of the furniture on wheels so that it can be shifted depending on how the space is being used. A large pivoting wall on wheels can be moved to close off the area for educational talks, and opened up when not in use. 

We were the single point of contact for the client and managed all subcontractors from concept through to installation.

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Zealandia Education Space
Zealandia Education Space
Zealandia Education Space
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