Silverstream Forest

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Videography, Branding, Photography, Website
Collective Team
Celeste Skachill
Steph O'kane
Ricky Situ

When the team at Guildford Timber came to StudioC, they didn’t expect to need a name change. However, during the co-design process, it became clear that their business plan, strategy and name needed to shift to align better with the company’s future direction. Silverstream Forest was born!

Alongside these changes, we developed a clear and elegant brand that visually communicates Silverstream Forest’s purpose, which is to create a unique residential development where people live closer to nature. 

We also created two videos to help communicate the brand story. The videos capture unique shots of the forest that can be used across brand collateral and on their new website.

We designed and built a new website to communicate their vision to a wide audience.

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Silverstream Forest Branding
Silverstream Forest Branding
Silverstream Forest Branding
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