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Workbook & Exhibition Design

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Graphic Design, Illustrations, Exhibition
Collective Team
Celeste Skachill
Gwilym Devey

The Precious Exhibition is an opportunity for children to share their precious objects and stories with their friends, whānau and the wider community.

The National Library hosted 150 students from seven Wellington schools. The schools will exhibit the resulting work in four mini-exhibitions, withtwo schools on display every three weeks.

Each mini-exhibition was developed with the students inco-design workshops focused on the question: He aha tō tino taonga? What makes something precious and what is precious to you?

As part of the exhibition, we also designed and illustrated a workbook to help students identify which objects are precious to them and to prepare them for the exhibition through a series of activities.

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National Library Precious Exhibition
National Library Precious Exhibition
National Library Precious Exhibition
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