New Zealand Red Cross

Annual Appeal Campaign

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Project Type
Videography, Photography, Digital & Print Collateral
Collective Team
Celeste Skachill
Christine Luiten
Ricky Situ
Zhū Creative
Black Lantern
Rachael Thompson

This project aimed to help New Zealand Red Cross maximise the donations received during their Annual Appeal. Rather than pitching a campaign idea, we worked with the client to develop a theme for the campaign, and then together we fleshed out stories and characters that would represent their key services. We landed on the theme of "hope", which shows donors they have an opportunity to contribute and make change, despite the urgency and severity of global social and environmental problems.

The national campaign included a range of creative delivery including a TV ad, bus backs, billboards, and print and digital ads. We created all of the assets and photography/videography in-house within a very lean budget and tight timeline.

"Just saw the Red Cross appeal ad on TV.... #HOPE.... it gave me goose bumps... in a good way. TV advertisement looks awesome! Fantastic launch of the appeal – thank you all for your hard work towards making this happen."
- client feedback

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NZ Red Cross Annual Appeal Campaign
NZ Red Cross Annual Appeal Campaign
NZ Red Cross Annual Appeal Campaign
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