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Mobile Library Cart

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Project Type
Co-design & Spatial Design
Collective Team
Glen Skachill
Celeste Skachill
Andy Irving
Rachael Thompson

This project was based on a series of co-design workshops with staff and conversations with the local community around future library experiences. From these insights, we developed the concept of a mobile library cart. We designed and built the cart in-house to help more people discover and access the library.

The cart features a fold-out table that people can sit around, be creative and chat to a librarian. A modular pegboard system and vertical display board allow librarians to hang creative prompts or questions for the public to interact with and respond to. Books on a relevant theme can be displayed, so that people can check out a book or sign-up to the library on the spot. In the future, the library could even invite an "expert" on the theme to talk with the public at the cart.

The cart is intended to be on display in popular public areas over summer. It will also travel to retirement homes and schools to help the library extend its reach.

Stay tuned for photos of the final cart out and about, coming soon!

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Upper Hutt Mobile Library Cart
Upper Hutt Mobile Library Cart
Upper Hutt Mobile Library Cart
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