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Project Type
Co-design Workshop, Graphic Design, Illustration
Collective Team
Rachael Thompson
Celeste Skachill
Ralph Upton

The purpose of this project was to gather community insights about the regional “Beyond the Page” literary festival. The libraries wanted to understand what
their communities need from libraries generally, and how the festival might fill any gaps in meeting those needs. They also asked us to define their target audience
for the festival, and explore a visual identity or brand that would resonate with them.

We used co-design workshops with library staff and empathy conversations with community members to develop four personas for festival-goers. This helped
us clarify the purpose of the festival and develop ideas for the structure and content of the festival to make it a stand-out event. 

Based on the personas and other insights, we also designed a visual identity for the festival, including customised illustrations, to appeal to the target audience. 

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Beyond the Page Festival
Beyond the Page Festival
Beyond the Page Festival
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