What’s with the new squiggle?

You might have noticed that StudioC has a new logo! We call it the squiggle and we might be biased, but we’re pretty attached. So what’s the squiggle about anyway?

So what’s the squiggle about anyway? 

For us, the squiggle represents the design process. You might have seen something like this before:

This shows how the design process starts out messy and complicated, just like this scribble. At this stage, you may be asking all sorts of questions like…Why are we doing this? Is this really going to help us figure out what to do? What does this even have to do with our problem?

It’s totally natural to feel that way early in the design process. It’s uncertain. It’s cloudy. And it’s not clear how things will work out. We admit it: this stage of design can be ugly.

But if you hang in there and trust the design process, slowly you gather information. You talk with more people and gain insights. Slowly but surely, a bit of clarity emerges from the chaos. You start to get glimmers of how things might change and how your problem could be solved.

Our squiggle represents this process. It reminds us to trust that good design will lead us from a place of uncertainty to clarity and positive change.

At StudioC, we know this process is hard, and that’s why we like to be beside our clients throughout the design journey. We might start by helping you understand your customers or community through co-design workshops or empathy conversations. We might train your own staff to gather data, or help you build a pop-up activation to learn more. 

And then slowly as insights emerge and our relationship is built, we start to understand your organisation and what design delivery should look like. At that stage, we’re well equipped to help you find an elegant and practical design solution - whether it’s animation, spatial design, photography, or something else entirely.

So there you have it: the backstory to the squiggle and why it’s so important to us. We hope you’ll join us for your own squiggle journey soon.

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